About Us


Mutiara Figs Garden is dedicated to provide a quality choice for people looking for fresh fig, fig products and fig plant. We will offer three varieties of fresh figs, red fig, yellow fig and the most expensive is the black fig along with our fig products. The plant will be grown in the greenhouses to make sure the best quality of the fruit. With a convenient location in Shah Alam. Mutiara Figs Garden intends to successfully market the fresh fig and our products to the local fruit shop and also export to Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei and China. The idea behind the business is to provide healthy and delicious fresh fig and fig products to the public. Our aim is to educated people on the benefits of consuming fig in everyday life. By providing fresh fig and fig products to local market this will improve the public health and give an awareness of the benefits of fig. Our fig products range from fig leaves tea to sweet caramelised fig, fig relish, sambal bilis fig, fig chocolate, fig cookies, fig ice cream and also fig facial soap.

In addition to fresh fruit and products, in the future the company plans to create an interpretive centre for learning and education on fig plant. Public will be educate on the variety of fig, how to grow fig in Malaysia and the benefits of fig.

Our Story

Mutiara Figs Garden was initiated by Mohd. Hilmi bin Yusoff, in his own house at No. 9, Jalan Mutiara 7/1M, Seksyen 7 Shah Alam.

As architects, Mohd Hilmi bin Yusoff and his wife Faridah Hasni binti Ramli have had a keen interest in landscaping to beautify their own home in Shah Alam. He loves gardening and his late father trained him in gardening, as he had a lot of orchids.

Planting figs started out as a hobby, till the family collected up to 300 varieties of figs. Upon discovering the health benefits and nutrition found in fig fruits and leaves.


Mutiara Figs Garden was established to modernize fig products to suit Malaysian taste buds while ensuring everybody gets to enjoy both the taste and health benefits of figs anytime of the year.

Mutiara Figs Garden produces homemade products and artisan food, some of it are sourced from their very own fig garden. Their bestselling products include the fig tea, sambal bilis fig, caramelized fig, fig relish, chocolate dipped fig, fig icecream, and fig facial soap.


“Fig Food Makes Your Meal Delicious And Healthy One”

Founded in 2015, Mutiara Figs seeks to produce, create and promote great tasting, organic, healthier and quality figs. Our aim is for everybody in Malaysia to taste and experience the benefit of fig in their everyday life. Fig is a fruit from heaven and should be consumed often. By supplying fresh fig and producing fig products we hope that fig industry grow bigger and successful in Malaysia. We source our figs from our own fig farm and our aim is to encourage people to eat real and healthy foods.


We are pleased to offer finest export quality figs and variety homemade goods that give you different experience on eating healthy food . As a family owned business we work hard to make sure only the best figs come from our orchard to you. All of our products are designed with the utmost care to be premium, healthy and suit to a broad audience. They allow anyone from fig lover to people who haven’t eat fig to fall in love with the taste of this special fruit besides getting the best benefits of fig.

Our passion for quality has been there since the beginning and its how we went from being a weekend project to a company in serious pursuit of the delicious.